Guilherme Schroeter

Neo-romantic composer, pianist, songwriter
Welcome to my site.

I am Guilherme Schroeter - a classical composer, pianist and Songwriter.

Some examples as a Videos clips (Classical, pop, film, real time improvizations, instructional)

I love her she loved horses

Our never had romance (produced by Tomas Ocarthaigh)

Walking Away

To see Love but Her and forever

Missing you

Secret Love

I found you

One Kiss


I will never forget you

Unreachable Love

Movie Theme Op 181 No 35 (C Major)

Nocturne Op.81 No.10 (C minor)

Nocturne Op.91 No.12 (C minor)

Nocturne Op.211 No.5 (F minor)

Piano Concerto Op.215 Op.5 (Eb Major)

Symphonic Overture

Heaven on earth, a Pop song - e message of peace

Some awards, nominations

A - Pop
Los Angeles music awards nomination

B- Classical composer
Masterworks of the new era award (Twice- Piano Concerto Op.180 No.3 and Op.209 No.4)